Crystal healing (www.crystalhealing.co.nz) is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique that uses crystals and rocks. Adherents of the technique claim that these have curative powers, although there isn’t any scientific basis for this particular claim.

In a single approach, the professional areas the professional areas crystals across the body frequently corresponding to chakras; or crystals on various areas of the body, in an endeavor to build an energy power system, which can be purported to encompass the customer with healing energy. Regardless of this, scientific investigations haven’t validated claims that energy power systems or chakras truly exist, nor is there any signs that crystal healing has any greater effect upon the body than another placebo; for these reasons it’s known as a pseudoscience.

There isn’t any scientific basis for the theories of chakras, being “obstructed”, energy power systems demanding grounding, or other similar terms; they’re broadly recognized to be nothing more than terms employed by adherents to give credibility to their own practices. Energy is a really well defined notion that bears little similarity to the esoteric theory of energy employed by proponents of crystal healing and is easily quantifiable.

The rocks are selected by modern professionals by their metaphysical qualities that are considered or colour and put them on areas of the body. Positioning and colour assortment of rocks are done according to theories of energy power systems, or grounding, chakras.